About Us

Milad Export was incorporated in Germany in 2009. Its core business is dealing in classical old and return and branded goods. After sorting these goods they are exported to Non EU countries.
With many years of experience in the recycling industry, our network of business has expanded to Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe. We have established regular clients in these countries. We also export branded footwear (our main business) to Africa, Asia and particularly Afghanistan.
Mr Wahidi our MD and major shareholder has been in the footwear business since 3 generation.
Mr Whaidi’s father started the various businesses from Kabul, Afghanistan since the beginning of 1960. This included owning an international hotel called Wahid Hotel in Kabul and also shoe collection from Japan and Italy.
Mr Wahidi our MD has vast experience and an excellent background in footwear industry. He worked as Business Development Manager for Soga Schuh in Hamburg, Germany ( Member of Soex Group the largest in the world). Then he worked for European Recycling Company Ltd in London, UK (Another member of Soex Group) and gained valuable experience in footwear industry. He also founded his own Footwear Company in UK called York Shoes that dealt worldwide in return and single shoes.